Creative Direction

In an established ‘creative shop’ it’s “all about the work” and everyone from the trainee on reception to the poker faced CFO knows it.  In other Agencies, it’s about ascertaining how much ‘creative space’ there is on any given project.  A number of incremental improvements like better photography, distinguishable tone of voice, polished production values can all add up to a radical difference.

But the cases which impress me most are those where an Agency has truly worked the oracle on a traditionally conservative client in a clichéd category.  Still one of the best examples would be Wieden’s work for Coca Cola’s sponsorship of Premiership Football – “Eat, Sleep Football, Drink Coca Cola”.

Two supporters narrating the action to a blind guy on the terraces in East London.  Genius!

It brought a brand associated with “All American Feel Good Pap” and a working class British sport together and worked brilliantly, placing the brand at the core of something it didn’t even seem to understand before that campaign.

To continue the theme, Creative Direction is not unlike football management.  It’s a pretty precarious role and you need to give the creatives, space, support and a bit of coaching from the sidelines but ultimately they should be the ones scoring the goals, not the manager.

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