(If you point randomly with your index finger while reading this it will help you get into character.)

As an agency writer I’ve been asked, can you write short, long, punchy, pithy, engaging, exciting, stimulating or seductive copy?  Can you write straplines / headlines / timelines?  Can you write campaign platforms and rationales?  Can you write ads, brochures, websites, tweets, greets, speeches, treatments, PR releases, scripts, comedy and for magazines?  And my least favourite request…can you write something really witty for Sandra in Production who’s just had a baby girl?  (You’re the last person they’ve asked, every agency wag has already scribbled “Hey Sandra, that’s the best thing you’ve ever produced” and “Hey..that’s the first deadline you’ve missed…2 weeks late!!!!”).  So you sweat, you squirm and then suddenly from somewhere….“Wow her eyes are just so Pantone 4036TCX” thus underlining why you’re a Copywriter and the person waving the card in your face…is not.

Penn Copy